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Homecare is also known as domiciliary care, social care or in-home care. It comprises a range of activities, especially paramedical aid by nurses and assistance in daily living for ill or disabled or elderly people.


Clients receiving home health care may incur lower costs, receive equal to better care, and have increased satisfaction in contrast to other settings. Home Health care includes only specific health services carried out by a certified nurse according to the  practitioners or specialists direct orders and guidance, this type of care is usually covered by public health insurance.


Social or Private home care includes specific type of services provided by a social worker for any private individual who applied or upon request, it covers mainly  personal hygiene, home cleaning, on behalf shopping, on behalf prescribed medication delivery.


This care can be indicated  by a social worker and mid by fully or partly covered by the social care allowance for private individuals who participate on social insurance system. The service can be provided also on purely commercial principle, how ever not necessarily to be subject of  fees and payments by clients, due to frequent financial participation of various NGOs.

About us

As a private home care agency, we provide standard home care services in the domiciliary environment of our clients.


Our main principle is to provide highest quality of life for our clients and maintain independence on institutional care for them and their relatives.


We are mainly focused on providing our services to Expats, their Families or to Foreigners who traveled to our country with the purpose of health service or treatment consumption or even for those who decided to utilize some of the spa, physiotherapy, or revitalization after medical or surgery treatment.


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